Coco – Mat Hotel

Pleasure and comfort during your sleep and rest!

ORES Boutique Hotel is the first Coco-Mat hotel in Bulgaria.

Why Coco-Mat? Because we love nature and invite nature to come to us! The motto of the Coco-Mat brand is “Sleep on a nature” and all their products are made of natural materials.

The beds in the Ores Boutique Hotel have mattresses – Coco – Mat of high class brand, which consist of several layers of natural materials, providing optimal and elastic support to the human body, without the use of metal springs.

Coco – Mat are made with natural layers of rubber. They also have coconut fiber, which makes the mattress strong, flexible and insulating. They also include horsehair and cactus fibers, which regulate moisture, and seaweed, whose function is anti-allergic. In addition to all these natural materials, mattresses include flaxseed antiperspirant.

For even greater comfort and softness, our pillows and duvets are also Coco – Mat, and our guests can choose their pillow according to their preferences for softness, material and shape.

How do our guests feel:

Milena N. – “I have not slept so deeply for a long time. I didn’t even feel like breakfast.

Victor P. – “My wife told me that I did not snore, not that the opposite bothers me, but it obviously matters what you sleep on.”

Raya M. – “Usually, in hotels I have a problem with either the mattress or the pillow. Here, however, I have no remarks. ”

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